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.- Lose Belly Fat
.- Stop Slouching
.- Develop Core Strength



Eliminates Slouching - We're sitting more often and in most cases, longer. Modern comforts and busy schedules have made too easy to slouch - affecting you health and vitality. Slouching affects your range of motion and strength, causing physical stress and mental fatigue.

Prevents Back Injuries - Without adequate core training, your core muscles get tire too quickly. This lack of strength and endurance affects your body posture, increasing the risk of back injuries and bone degeneration.

Less Belly Fat - If you are feeling tired when you get up in the morning - if you need to lose weight and develop vitality, you need to lose belly fat and gain lean muscles to help you maintain vitality from the "inside out."

Prevents Aging - The older you get, the more stubborn belly fat becomes. As a result, belly fat build-up in the liver cells making you feel weak and tire.

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Reduces Belly Fat - You have a lean body. You just need the right exercises to fuel up your metabolism to burn off the fat that is hiding it from the world. Your body needs muscle mass to eliminate belly fat.

Develops Youthful Vitality - By developing lean core muscles it will help you to reduce the risk of back injuries, eliminate unwanted belly fat, tone your body,shape your organs, and develop youthful vitality.

Eliminates Toxins - Practicing Core Training will improve blood circulation and ensures the lymph system flows properly. Clearing toxins from your body will maintain your health from the "inside out."

Develops Muscle Mass - Master Moves will tone your body with similar movements to those found while you are dancing or playing sports - skiing, skating, surfing, rollerblaiding, playing tennis or golf.

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Portable - The practice of Master Moves requires only your body, instructional videos and three portable training tool. You will be able to exercise from home for many years. No need to spend more money on fitness equipment.

Convenience - The Power Disk and the Focus Bar are highly durable product made from recycled wood that will last your life time when are properly maintained. You will be able to save time and money while exercising from home, office or hotel - anytime!

Durable - At Master Moves we pride ourselves on our durable, safe products so, although the maximum user weight recommended is 350 pounds (160 kilos), the Power Disk is load tested to 500 pounds (227 kilos) to ensure it will last over ten years.

Effective - Try it and experience it for yourself with complete confidence. People of any weight can begin with the Body Toning program and gradually practice all the Master Moves programs.

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Increases Productivity - Low productivity is directly related to unhealthy lifestyles. As a result, people with back problems cost 76 percent more on average than people without back problems each year.

Better Lifestyle - Our Core Training programs are designed to improve productivity by promoting healthy lifestyles, reducing stress, improving wellness, and increasing your energy to perform better your daily activities.

Prevent Diseases - Sedentary lifestyles increase all causes of mortality, double the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and increase the risks of colon cancer.

Reduce Obesity - Excess weight harms health in many ways. It increases the risk of developing conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. The daily practice of Master Moves not only makes you leaner but it will increase, vitality, health, and fitness.

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Anyone can practice Master Moves - Senior people can practice Body Conditioning anytime. Children can do most of the exercises, especially Body Flexibility and Body Coordination.

Easy & Fun - Rather than having to drive to the gym and then wait for machines, you can practice Master Moves in the comfort of your living room anytime.

More Muscle Mass - Every year of life after 30, most people age prematurely, losing 1/2 a pound of muscle and 1% of bone density. Master Moves is designed to help you gain lean muscle, stronger bones, and less fat. Your youth is defined by your core strength.

More Energy - Instead of feeling tired and drained after a gym workout, your 15 minute core exercises will leave you refreshed and charged with energy.

"A big waistline puts you at increased risk for many health problems -- diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke" -- Robert Eckel, MD, president of the American Heart Association

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