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To Grow Fit Is To Live Healthier and Happier

From ancient times to the present day we know that lack of fitness is the main reason for mental atrophy and cardiovascular heart disease - one of the greatest causes of death in developed countries.

"Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it."
-- Plato

"Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity."
-- John F. Kennedy

"Exercise is the chief source of improvement in our faculties."
-- Hugh Blair

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“Life's challenges are not supposed to paralyze you,
they're supposed to help you discover who you are.”

- Bernice Johnson

Practice Makes Perfect

by Oswaldo Koch

To give yourself the best possible chance of playing to your potential, you must prepare for every opportunity. That means practice. Playing a musical instrument well takes a lot of practice. It is a method of learning and of acquiring experience. Practice is the act of rehearsing a behavior over and over, or engaging in an activity again and again, for the purpose of improving or mastering it, as in the phrase "practice makes perfect". Sports teams practice day by day to prepare for actual games.

When performers master one aspect of their work, they free their minds to think about another aspect. This may be why many of us have our most creative thoughts while taking a shower or driving to work. Whatever profession or skill we are involved, when it comes to practice, it is not the amount of time you spend at practice that counts; it's your desire to learn and be prepare for every opportunity.

Practice lets us execute a task while using less and less active brain processing. It makes things automatic. By building expert habits, surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals, not wasting time on small stuff, and deliberately practicing your skills, you can develop improve your work to a level of mastery. There is no learning without practice. Successful learning doesn't require fancy schools, elaborate training sessions, or expensive technology. It just takes an understanding of how the brain really works. Therefore, be aware that your learning capacity is affected by what you drink, what you eat, how you rest and relax and your motivation to learn specific subject.

Visual learners think in pictures and tend to perform better on written tests. Auditory learners learn best by listening, but may be distracted if there is too much noise. Kinesthetic learners, also known as tactile learners like to learn by doing. They seem to have the most difficult time in school because reading and testing in school are high visual activities that tend to favor the visual learners. Whether you are a college student studying for an important test or an aging baby boomer concerned about your new dancing steps, there are a few things everyone can do to optimize our mental powers to learn more effectively.

The Core Challenge

Core Training Exercise is important because it also contributes to the quality of life. The less one does, the less the body will be capable of doing. Lack of physical activity is the leading cause of disuse atrophy, a condition where the body begins to deteriorate due to inactivity and the lack of physical movement.

Exercise and proper nutrition play an important role in the prevention of cardiovascular heart disease and other age related, debilitating diseases. To successfully grow fit, mentally and physically, first and most important, you need to keep your internal organs lean and healthy. You need a wide variety of exercises that reduce belly fat and exercise the core muscles from the inside out.

The Core Challenge is designed to accomplish that. Our Core Training exercises are low-intensive exercises which stimulate your core muscles to work harder while maintaining proper balance and body posture - all sweet free in few minutes a day.

Benefits of The Core Challenge

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Why You should Take The Core Challenge

10 Good Reasons to Take
The Core Challenge

  • Lose Belly Fat
  • Reduce Overall Stress
  • Save Money
  • Get a Better Job
  • Practice Sports & Feel Stronger
  • Eat Right & Get Fit
  • Develop Discipline and Get a Better Education
  • Be a Good Example for Family
  • Quit Bad Habits
  • Live Longer Feeling Younger

If you're feeling tired when you get up in the morning - If you need to lose weight and look fit - If you want to prevent premature aging, you need to develop your core muscles. This educational and inspirational program will help you maintain energy and vitality from the "inside out."


and create the life you love!

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